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Managing Our Inbox in the 21st Century

We receive a plethora of daily emails, and it can be overwhelming at times. One solution is to have an alias address, and the other is to have two or more email addresses. We’ll discuss having multiple addresses in this article.

It may seem like a crazy idea to have more than one address to check every day, but it’s quite easy, and it organizes your emails better than you think.

The first inbox is for information like messages from friends, family, bill payments, and other important notifications. The second email address is the one that’s given out for low priority notifications and to companies or people who send many emails over a short period.

As new emails are received, get a feel for the habits of the senders, and move them to the address that they belong. For example, you purchased a pair of shoes online, but now the company keeps sending you sales fliers, and it’s getting to be too much, but you don’t want to miss a deal by placing them in spam. The solution is to place them in your low priority inbox by changing your email address at their site. Whenever you sign up for things in the future be mindful of the email address that you use, and you will not be overwhelmed when reading emails again.

We can take this concept a bit further by adding a third email address just for job searches too.

A phone is the best way to manage multiple addresses because it makes it easier to switch back and forth through the inboxes.

How do you handle the deluge of emails coming into your inbox?