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Free Books

Instafreebie will be featuring a 42 48 book GIVEAWAY in its Wednesday, November 9th – 2016, newsletter. If you’re not a member of their newsletter list don’t worry because you can download them by clicking the link: Click Here to go to the list of free books. Download ALL of them and feed your reader.


Kathy Abbott by C.K. Jackson

Kathy Abbott’s story is the first event in a series of events that changes her life forever.

Kathy is a character in the Regulator Series. The series follows the lives of a group of gifted people who resides in the fictional town of Gull Village. The year that six girls disappeared, the Gull Village Division of the Regulators was formed and a race to stop an ancient evil began.

The Regulator Series is an urban fantasy thriller for readers ages eighteen and older. As the series progress so does the intensity.

It’s free in the Instafreebie 42 book giveaway! Get your copy today and join over 400 people who already downloaded it.