We feature fiction novels, novelettes, novellas and short stories only. We share your free and discounted book promotion or a full page showcase.

This site was created it to bring authors and readers together. We know how difficult it is to change hats from writer to promoter and are here to help you. We understand how difficult it can be to ask someone to buy your books. People should never have to beg someone to buy their book. Compelling cover art and book descriptions will sell your book for you not shouting it out on social media to the point where people turn off your notifications.  We love sharing and promoting books. We love talking about them too. I heard someone say, “when you do something you love it never feels like work.” It’s true.

It is imperative that Indie and published authors create promotional plans that attract readers from several sources in order to keep a steady flow of fans. As readers learn about you and your books your book sales will follow. And unfortunately, an author simply doesn’t have the time to write and promote at the same time, so having a book feature on our site just makes sense. We are an extension of your plan NOT your only plan. Don’t upload your book to a selling site with the attitude that if you write it and upload it the readers will come because most likely they won’t. But, if you promote your book readers will have a higher probability of finding it. The more exposure the better. We help you to find your readers. We take the pain out of promoting.

If you are interested in a feature, Spotlight, or a promotion on Wednesday Reads please contact us via email and include your name, book title, and a long link to amazon or Barnes and Noble. Do not send us a short link or an embedded link because we will not view it. You may also text if you have any questions.




Our goal is to help authors to succeed. Check out the Neptune Fiction Writing Group for information regarding a meetup group for writers and authors in New Jersey. We are planning google hangouts or Twitter events for authors. And if you are not located in New Jersey or prefer to contribute to our podcast for readers check it out and let us know via email, what you would like to do to help.



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